Allies will be trained, by Local educators and professors from George Mason University. The trainers are experts in the field of parent and child development, and committed to increasing educational opportunities for students.
The training curriculum will help develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work with parents. Allies will help parents:
• Make informed decisions to effectively communicate with local and state school systems and community agencies
• How schools work - “No child left behind” & “SOL” & etc.
• Learn how to be involved and communicate effectively with school personnel
• Essentials of having a computer in home - dedicated to homework and research
Essential Life Skills:
• An Ally will be taught confidentiality in order to establish a level of comfort and open communication with a parent
• Learn and use technology applied to their children’s education
Responsibility to the community:
• To establish contacts with community based organizations and political parties both local and state.
• Ongoing support will be provided to both parent and allies.


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